5 levels of Healing – level 1

Many ancient medical practices address 5 levels of healing.  Our modern approach in the US to address one, physical.  Physical is the lowest and most dense level of healing.  It is the easiest and hardest to move – so much of that depends on where the other 4 levels are.  These other 4 levels, we will get into, are not physical, they are not something you can touch directly, however as we walk through them, you will find that you will identify with each level in some way or another.  Once you look at the bigger picture, it begins to make sense.  The reason you are not moving forward,d the feeling of being stuck, something missing, something that does’t quite make sense.  The missing pieces.  

Level 1. Physical – muscle, bone, organ, gland, eye, brain, foot. Etc.  this is the place that we usually start.  It’s the place that most of the health world works to address.  It is the physical manifestation of7 what is happening to us at the other 4 levels.

Everything is energy.  This is a key concept you must understand.  The movements I’m making you type these words are energetic signals generated from brain? (No evidence that the brain does this work) to the Nervous system through to muscles of the arms, hands and fingers.  It’s not conscious.  You don’t deliberately move every muscle to drive you car – somewhere in there it’s programmed, or somewhere out there.  There is a body of study coming out of quantum physics that disputes that the brain holds memory, and is finding it in the Biofield.  The biofield is the scientifically approved word for aura, the woowoo ancient reference to the energy field around our physical body.   I like aura, it’s time tested and it was here first.  

So If everything is energy, your body is a manifestation of energetic influence -but influence from where?  What energy makes up your physical body?  Quantum physics is working on explaining that also.  Ancient medical and religious studies have explained this in many different, yet unbelievably similar ways.  Current life Memory, experiences and trauma, ancestral memory and/or trauma, experience and trauma, past lives, belief systems, words spoken over us, to us, or spoken by ourselves, rules, expectations, birth order, suppression or freedom, joy or shame, comparison and Judgement, support and compassion.  These energies shape our physical body.

For example – you spent your whole life biting your tongue.  Wanting to speak up, but for so long you were told to be quiet, not to speak up, that your opinion didn’t matter.  Your voice was silenced over and over. This happens most often for women, though men experience it too.  Over time, the accumulation of all the energy of the words you didn’t speak becomes thyroid dis-ease.  If you want to make this connection – refer to my book  (You Are Worth More Than A Cheeseburger) and the section on chakras – look at the throat chakra to see how this connects.