My name is Julianna Sauber, ND, CNHP, CECP I started Whole Body Renewal as a safe venue to come for a natural, whole body, mind and spirit approach to health and wellbeing.


My mission is to:  







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For overall health and wellbeing or specific issue resolution, I am your guide through this wellness process.

You can go it alone, but why stumble through it when you can be expertly guided.   Digestion?  Adrenal?  Thyroid?  Immune?  Energy?  Sleep?  Weight?   Trauma?  Energy Pathway interference? They are all in our sites for improvement


My goal, in terms of your health, is to build you up, educate you, and provide you with tools – in the end, you can be health independent, and only rely on my for occasional needs.  This means that if you, for example, have bacterial overload, we may go after the bacteria, but we will also build up your immune system, digestion, or whatever is needed so it doesn’t remain a problem, or come back later.  DONE!


You can count on me to persevere with you for optimum health.

You should know my story…


The last weight I remember reading on that darned scale was 254.  When I got married, I was 180 and after 2 kids, lots of stress and surgeries, I had let myself go!  I thought about how I looked every day, I tried a ton of “quick” weight loss programs.  I hurt like crazy – my headaches were every day.

Fatigue and exhaustion were present with me all the time.  I remember a period of time where I got up tired, went to work fuzzy headed all day, would forget entire meetings even happened, come home, pass out on the couch for an hour, get up make dinner, then collapse back in my chair until bedtime.  I had no life anymore, exhaustion and pain was my life.

I had developed a frozen shoulder, my joints and muscles ached constantly and I could not exercise.  Any exertion was too much.

The headaches and migraines went on for years, for a long time, I was coming home, giving the kids to my patient husband, and going to bed for an hour so I could function for the rest of the evening.  Nothing helped – no OTC medication, the doctors could not give me anything, nothing.  That’s when I discovered activator method chiropractic, by the end of the 2nd week, I had a full day without a headache in all those years.  But they never fully went away – my spine would slip back out of place when my muscles were too weak to support my activities, and I had other triggers I didn’t even know about. Then my shoulder – my right shoulder was almost completely frozen, I could not lift my elbow above my shoulder without pain, which further limited my activities.

Over the course of a 10 year period – I had 5 abdominal surgeries:  including c-sections (2), and 3 surgeries for uterine fibroids.

Then the dizziness came…..my office was on the second floor and I did a lot of walking through a manufacturing facility.  I would have to stop and grab something to stop from falling, and I would get these hot flashes, woo, my own personal summer – the sweating was pretty embarrassing, not to mention the body odor.

Then there were the emotions – this tsunami of  varying emotions depending on the moment, the day, the person, the situation, the food, the place – you name it, I had lots of triggers.  Anger, depression, frustration, anger, depression, frustration.  This constant nagging feeling of dread, anxious expectation of being in trouble, nervousness, suspicion, etc.  It affected every area of my life, every relationship with family, friends and co-workers.  I was not pleasant to be with.

And let me tell you, I could not walk by a bowl of candy or a donut without taking one.  I thought these were my saving grace, these moments of sheer pleasure fueled by sugar.  I was the most enthusiastic pot luck person in the office – so many naughty foods.

When I went to the doctor, they looked concerned, took blood, then called a few days later and said there wasn’t anything wrong with me – they didn’t know how to help me – and billed me $500 to tell me nothing.

Later on I found that I had fibromyalgia, low blood sugar, adrenal fatigue, heavy metals, parasites, viruses, fungus, low thyroid and many other issues, but that all came after I looked for another approach.




Julianna helps to guide people to own their healthy, body, mind a spirit.  
To be free of the interferences to a healthy and vital life

As a naturopath, reiki practitioner, certified emotion code practitioner, essential oil practitioner, sound and energy healer she guides you through the apprenticeship of your life.  

Seeing each and ever person, event and moment of your life as opportunities to learn and grow into your true self.  

Be real, set boundaries and use language awareness to change your circumstances.  Use energetic tools to free yourself of worry, fear doubt and false beliefs.  

Heal your ancestral traumas to clear the path and be free of addictions and hurtful behaviors.

To bring magic and wonder back into life to see the beauty and offerings of every moment.  

To infuse quantum healing and frequency into every life.  
50 years into this life apprenticeship, 12 years into the intense and majestic shadow work of transformation and loving empowering and freeing women!   

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My Training

  • Doctor of Naturopathy – Trinity College of Natural Health
  • CNHP – Certified Natural Health Practitioner
  • CECP – Certified Emotion Code Practitioner
  • Individualized Medicine Certification – Seroyal
  • Young Living – Essential Oils education
  • Hylands – Homeopathy training
  • Integral Sound Therapiest
  • Sound and Color Certified – Naturpathic Institute
  • Light Healing Touch Cettified – Naturopathic Intitute

How to contact me:

1.  269-815-6354

2.  Twbrcjsauber@yahoo.com

3.  Facebook – Whole body Renewal Center

4.  Through the contact page.

5. You can find me physically at:

Three Rivers (Fridays and by appointment). At Peaceful Rivers Massage Center at 72 N. Main Street.

6. Remote work with anyone, anywhere….ask how.  

Fast Forward … 

Today – I’ve lost over 70 lbs and counting.  That’s the measure that everyone connects with the best…. but here is the measures that I love:

  1. I feel good every day
  1. I can move my shoulder without pain
  1. My headaches are no more!
  1. I get to exercise, bike, walk, zumba, yoga, crossfit, chase my kids, run with the dogs…..We’re building our own house and you should see me on a ladder and with a saw! I’m powerful!!  I’ve run Warrior Dash twice and loved that I conquered it!
  1. I haven’t spent money on a doctor in over 8 years and counting
  2. I have energy, I’m awake all day
  3. I can laugh more, love bigger, and enjoy more of my life, it has made the atmosphere in my home so much better for everyone.
  4. I get to share this with others so they can experience it for themselves

This process took me fyears

Here is my biggest lesson:  Each and every tool we need to be healthy grows or resonates on this earth, there are no quick weight loss methods that last, no powders or pills,  and no surgery that on their own can get you healthy, period!  HEALING TAKES TIME!

The Human Body is energy – and health, body, mind and spirit, is about energy management

I am so proud of the fact that by changing what I put in my life every day – by making better food choices, supplementing and being proactive in prevention that I have recaptured my health, freed myself from illness, and continue to get better all the time.

I then learned to manage energy, release emotional trauma, and find peace, calm, and de-stress my life.

What you put in your mouth and on your body can make all the difference, and you can only recapture health by what you eat, your food, your drinks, your life can hinge on getting significant macro and micro nutrients – key and vital elements – good fat, good animal protein, good vegetables, and good fruits, seeds and nuts.  There is no other way to create health and sustain it but by choosing clean, whole food, it is what we were given to eat, and it will change your life.

IF it comes from a box, bag or canister, it should be avoided or in moderation – if you can pick it, pluck it or fish for it, it may be eaten…..fresh food as it was designed, and you will succeed.

ND – Naturopathic Doctor, trained in traditional Naturopathic Modalities

CNHP – Certified Natural Health Practitioner

CECP – Certified Emotion Code Practitioner

CIST – Certified Integral Sound Therapist