Health facts

Statistics you should know*:

  1. Over 106,000 people die every year from properly prescription medications they had a bad side effect from
  2. Over 139,000 unnecessary surgeries are performed every year (the most common of which are gall bladder removal and coronary bypass)
  3. Nearly 60 percent of all surgeries performed are medically unnecessary
  4. As many as 1.3 million Americans suffer disabling injuries in hospitals yearly, and 198,000 of those may result in death; 7 out of 10 of which were preventable (48% from faulty surgery), and 1/3 from negligence.
  5. Less than 10% of doctors have received any formal nutrition training.

In the last 25 years there have been 10 alleged but never proven reports of death from a vitamin.

Natural solutions may prevent these unnecessary and often very painful surgeries, are significantly less expensive, and easier to handle with no damage, scar tissue, and the dangers that come with surgery.

The only side effect – you feel good, pain goes away, and you begin to look and feel healthier.  What a great direct effect.

Whether you just want to feel better, or you are struggling with a dis-ease, I want to help you, I want to empower you to take control of your health.

For many years, it was believed that once you are sick, you could not change that – many people still believe it, including doctors.

Epigenetics has proven that to be false, you can repair genes, joints, muscles, bones, hearts, stomaches, pancreas, etc.

Those of us in the natural health world have known that you can reverse disease and heal your body, but only if you commit to a new lifestyle.

  • “No difference between a drug and a poison except for the dosage given.”  – Howard F. Loomis Jr.
  • Historically, medical advances have come from outside the medical profession and it appears that the so-called alternative movement has caught organized medicine napping.
  • People are turning to alternative therapies because they dread the idea of languishing years away as inmates in nursing homes.
  • A dietary supplement by definition should add to or complete the dietary intake.  NOT chemically altered “synthesized active ingredients” from something natural – that’s a drug.
  • Doctors don’t have the time, inclination or training to deal with solutions – they are crisis-oriented.  They are great for life threatening emergencies, surgical procedures and diagnostics.  They are abysmal at reversing chronic dis-ease and degeneration.
  • “A drug with no side effects is no drug at all.”  -Eli Lilly
  • Health is a right, and the body has the ability to heal itself.  Fatigue, headaches, depression are gone – replaced with energy, wellness and happiness.  Long practiced methods restore balance in the body and encourage renewal and healing.  We are guides on this path to wellness.

* – These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.