What is Naturopathy?

Naturopathy is the practice of utilizing natural, plant based, non-toxic, drug free, non-invasive methods to support your body’s ability to balance, heal and remain healthy.  When you get the toxins out and the nutrients in, your body is amazingly strong and able to balance.

Naturopathy stands on a few basic premises:

  1.  The power to heal the body is innate in the body, and that intelligence is what heals everything from a broken bone to autoimmune conditions.

  2. The body needs nourishment, hydration, and clear detoxification (physical and emotional) in order to heal optimally

  3. When we return to a lifestyle as it was intended for our bodies, the body can and does heal itself.

  4. The body heals in reverse, and a particular order of priority – when we follow that order, healing is faster and very effective.

  5. We work to get to the root cause of the issue – taking off layers of nutrient deficiency, interference from various toxins, and then allowing the body to take over.

  6. The roll of a naturopath is a guide, teacher, resource to the areas of need, and the methods to employ

  7. You are your own physician – you control the path, the lifestyle, and the choices.

Naturopaths do not diagnose, heal, treat, or cure dis-ease.  Your body is in charge of that.

The resurgence of “natural” medicine is a result of people’s frustration with the unfulfilled promises of allopathic medicine, escalating costs, depersonalization of care and the staggering increase in chronic and degenerative diseases under the present medical system.

Are you frustrated and ready to make a change??? To try something else? Something with thousands of years of history, with ancient roots and Divine Providence??

The time is now to start.


* Feel Better

* More energy

* Better Sleep

*Balanced hormones

*Better moods and relationships

*Less stress, anxiety and fear

*More peace of mind

*A sense of empowerment and control over your own health

*Happeir, more playful

*Move more and move better






-Energy management



-Supplements, essential oils, herbs


-Emotional and spiritual health