What is Naturopathy?

Naturopathy is the practice of utilizing natural methods to support your body’s ability to balance, heal and remain healthy.  When you get the toxins out and the nutrients in, your body is amazingly strong and able to balance.

At the beginning of the twentieth century in the US, the common citizenry and the medical professionals who served it were deeply divided over the philosophy and methods of medical care, and perhaps more importantly, over the right of people to choose the form of care they wanted. As it became empirically clear that the income potential of manufactured medicines vastly outweighed the limited profits available from “home grown” remedies, the nation’s monopolistic magnates of the Industrial Revolution began investing in the new industry.

The nations once proud and outspoken sects of botanical practitioners soon found themselves outspent, outcast and outlawed. It dared to question or contradict “the One True Belief” in allopathic medicine. Mesmerized by the dangling carrots of “the end of disease in our time” and “better living through chemistry” most of the population has succumbed to the hype and promises and gave up traditional herbal practices.

Has that carrot of the “end of disease” been sweet and lived up to it’s expectation? After 50 years of “the war on cancer” has allopathic medicine achieved measurable prevention? Have we achieved better living through chemistry? Once on a chemical medication – is anyone off of it through any of the teachings of allopathic medicine? Does one medication lead to many more? Have doctors a large or limited tool box to help you?

The resurgence of “natural” medicine is a result of people’s frustration with the unfulfilled promises of allopathic medicine, escalating costs, depersonalization of care and the staggering increase in chronic and degenerative diseases under the present medical system.

How can I afford naturopathic medicine if it’s not covered by my insurance?

We would like to ask you, “How can you not afford naturopathic medicine?” Here’s our reasoning:

  1. Naturopaths charge half or less of what orthodox medical doctors charge. .
  2. Many natural solutions, particularly herbal and homeopathic medicines, cost less than a tiny fraction of prescription medication.
  3. By using natural, non-toxic treatments, you will avoid iatrogenic (ie: doctor caused) illness.
  4. By creating a program individualized to you, you are much more likely to feel better, avoid surgery, and live longer. Just think of how much money lost work time due to surgery, hospitalizations, or poor health will cost you in the long run.
  5. You are much more likely to feel that a naturopath really knows you and understands you as a whole person, rather thinking of you as your illness.

So now what for you? Now what for your family member? Those who have received no answers, no solutions, no resolution to symptoms and illnesses, now what?

Are you frustrated and ready to make a change??? To try something else? Something with thousands of years of history, with ancient roots and Divine Providence??