10 Things I learned about living FREE

10 Things Ive learned living free of gluten, diary, soy and sugar.

  1. I feel good when I’m clean – when I eat this way, I wake up awake and ready to meet the day. My energy does not wane at 3pm, and I can think better, feel better, mood is better, I smile more and I accomplish more. I also sleep better.   I am well nourished, my eyesight is better, I can exercise better run and play with my kids more and I am happier.
  1. I sleep better when I’m clean – my body can truly rest and repair, making me healthier while I sleep.
  1. I cope with life better – my life runs better when I feel good and I can handle the bumps that come along without too much stress or overreaction.
  1. We get along better – our family gets along better when we feel good. Sugar triggers hyperactivity, mood swings and in the case of my youngest, anger outbursts. Life is much calmer without those events every day.
  1. Food tastes good – I didn’t realize how much lack of flavor or disgusting flavor is masked in processed food by sugar, salt and fat. When those were gone and I was eating fresh organic product – the taste of a red pepper is amazing, almost as sweet as an apple. I look forward to a good salad, a great piece of fresh fish, and a treat that’s more yummy than sweet.
  1. I eat what I’m supposed to – Sugar, salt and fat are all inserted into processed foods to create cravings and addictions.   Without those triggers, I have a more predictable eating schedule, and more control over what I CHOOSE to eat.
  1. My hormones are balanced – I had a lot of hormone issues, those are gone. Without the trigger of out of control hormones, so much of life is better balanced – many of which I listed above.
  1. I’m achieving physical goals for myself – I completed the warrior dash obstacle course last year, and I’m doing it again this year. I did much of the work to clear an are and install a paver patio, I did most of the garden planting this year by myself. I feel good when I work my body and my muscles, and my body responds well and muscles recover quickly.
  1. Listen to my body – I listen to what my body is telling me and I respond to it. I have learned how to eat and take my supplements so that I don’t have problems. I’ve worked hard to PREVENT issues like stomach issues, headaches, and other things I’ve struggled with forever.
  1. I focus on the amazing foods I can eat – the list of amazing foods is endless. I’ve explored and found so many incredibly yummy foods in this journey that I’m excited to eat daily.

All of these amazing things have been bettered by eliminating these processed foods. It can be done by anyone. I was as addicted as anyone – but I decided that FEELING GOOD ALL DAY, sleeping well, getting along with my family, and staying active was more important than that 30 seconds of fleeting happiness with the donut.   No donut is worth your health.

It is easier now than ever before to live WITH whole, amazing foods.