“If you know the enemy and yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.  If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat.  If you now neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

Along the course of my healing journey, this has become more and more true!  In our modern society, we are distracted by busyness, TV, internet, video games and social media.  We have quietly and slowly been convinced that we are alone, lack enough knowledge and power and cannot survive without the intervention of experts.  


Let me introduce you to the enemy to be defeated:  dis-ease.  This isn’t an us versus them kind of fight, a natural versus chemical fight, both sides have benefits and considerations.  Both sides have had triumphs and defeats. In both systems the individual you interact with in your travels have the same heart –  help, but they each use different tools and methods, the path to be followed varies.  

The tools of modern medicine: 

  1. Chemical pharmaceuticals suppress symptoms.  They do not provide healing or resolution of the root cause of the issue, they attempt to hide the issue using some chemicals that may surprise you.  Many drugs contain fiberglass, TSP aluminum and mercury, all known toxins.  They also deplete the nutrients (fuel) that your body needs to maintain health.   **Properly prescribed medications cause the death of 126,000 people annually.  
  2. Chemical medicine has many detrimental side effects
  3. Organ removal – all organs in your body have a purpose.  The removal of organs illustrates a lack of basic understanding of root cause, a lack of proper tools to fix the root cause and a lack of appreciation for the purposes of organs
  4. Reduction – reducing a person to the parts and you miss the idea that in an ecosystem, all parts and inputs influence the balance.  Additionally it doesn’t account for the fact that all things work together.
  5. It is a high profit, high cost option.  Profits drive decisions often first on cost and risk analysis and as a result if the best option is too expensive, it may be ignored in favor of an inferior choice.  Roughly 50% of bankruptcy in the US is due to medical expenses 
  6. Medicine tells you they are the best and only option that works.  Great ego comes at the expense of new ideas, alternate Views and opinions, and means slow implementation.  It also means you are not an individual but a widget! 
  7. Insurance companies drive decisions based on risk and cost and actuarial tables and not in what is best for the individual.  
  8. Industrialized approach means a standard protocol may not be what’s best for an individual and also means that digging for true cause is avoided in favor of standards and efficiency.  **The average doctor time with patient is 8 minutes
  9. Powered by fear. 
  10. Disempowers the individual and takes away rights of choice and reason


The benefits of modern medicine – 

  1. The physical focus of medicine means that it is brilliant at emergency medicine and life saving procedures.  
  2. Modern medicine has saved many lives from accidents and injuries.
  3. Many doctors and nurses care to do the right thing by the patients they interact with

Natural medicine:

  1. Has been in use for thousands of years
  2. Honors the body’s innate intelligence and Amazing healing potential
  3. Focuses on individual rights, choice, education
  4. Focuses on fixing root cause and eliminating symptoms and dis-ease, permanently 
  5. Looks at the whole body and takes time to link cause with solution 
  6. Has thousands of mild and easily assimilated options for supporting the healing process 
  7. Is very cost effective over the long term
  8. Focuses on the individual and their needs
  9. Is open minded and readily adopts new ideas
  10. Empowers you to make informed choice
  11. Focuses on love and peace and the whole person
  12. It works to balance and support and your symptoms subside and go away 
  13. Natural medicine does not damage or have detrimental side effects



  1. Can be overwhelming at first, then over time becomes easy and very rewarding
  2. Requires individual responsibility and personal motivation
  3. Requires you to be present and focused and to do the work
  4. Goes against mainstream 
  5. Requires out of pocket expenses


Know yourself:  

You are powerful and there is an innate intelligence in you that you can tap into.  That little voice inside, the nagging feeling, your intuition.  When you tap into your inner intuition and your in the exam room and they say the only option is to take your thyroid out, you question that, take a second to think and consider the long term consequences of that decision.  Step two is to do your research, objectively considering both options – chemical and natural, and make an informed decision.  

Your body can and will heal itself – when you do the right things for it.

You will have to get away from the standard mainstream sources of information and may have to deviate from popular opinion, but the choice is yours to make. Made with good information, not from fear but from logic and peace.  

Know yourself may mean digging into our emotional health and addressing trapped emotions that slow down your progress and may cause physical symptoms. 


The journey to health is exciting and interesting and very rewarding.  When your symptoms are gone and your brain is clear eerie is great joy in that.  

It may be you choose one path or another, or a combination o both – you are empowered and have made a decision based on self understanding and a place of peace.  You take charge of your health, controlled by no one person or instiguttion, but by the healing power within you.  

You are smart, capable, and powerful drive. With love and peace.  Cast out fear!


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