As I look back on my healing journey of about 7 years, I realize that I suffered many days, months and years in silence, ignoring the screaming my body was doing at me.

“I had too much to do to be sick” I probably said that 100x. So I ignored the nagging pain, the daily headaches, the stomach issues, I placated the exhaustion with caffeine and sugar. I ignored the sadness, and anguish, and anger, and resentment, and the underlying emotions that were fueled by the illness, and contributed to it.

One day I had someone tell me that food was causing my illness. Now, I’ve been on diets, I’ve studied healthy eating and committed to it – for a few days at a time. But that time, it hit me, and instantly I committed to being healthier, it started with one decision – cut out gluten.

So I struggled, and stumbled, but one thing that I added to my getting healthy plan that made a HUGE difference was emotional healing. I didn’t do it intentionally, I feel as though God led me to it as a necessary piece to my healing puzzle.

I didn’t realize until much later that what was stopping me from committing and sticking to it was the emotional rollercoaster I was on.   I was ruled by emotions. So I embarked on a journey of physical and emotional healing.
It was like hiking all 50 states trying to figure out what was going to work. I tried many: self-help books (some were good, some terrible), gratitude practice (an awesome practice I still do today), meditation (hard to do with a racing mind – but with practice you can achieve some sort of brain quieting), Oprah, CDs, counseling, supplements, Bach flowers, essential oils, etc.

So I want to impart a few of my lessons on you:

  1. I never considered medication – I’ve always been averse to medication as an option, subconsciously it was not what I wanted. I know people who have had great success, and some who’ve had failures with medications. There is no shame in it – though I believe you can accomplish much more with other methods – it is always a personal choice.
  1. Gratitude practice was amazing. We are conditioned in US society to look at the negative, lay blame, and hold a grudge. We have held a grudge for decades against countries and people who no longer walk the earth. This unhealthy negativity weighs on us and causes us to miss the “silver lining” of each day.

I am grateful for breath, to be able to walk, to have a house to live in, to have food in my refrigerator and the means to grow more. I am grateful for my kids, my husband, my work, my hardships, my triumphs, and my future. I am most of all grateful to God for freeing me. I had to do the work, nothing came instantly, however He guided my steps and led me to the tools that work!

  1. Prayer – there is no more important conversation in my life journey than conversing with God. When you’re alone, in despair, nothing holding you up – He can hold you up, cradle you and give you hope. It’s a simple request, and conversation, and it only takes a few moments. Now, you have to be willing to listen, and let go, but when you do there is this great sigh of relief.   It’s not instant, it takes patience and work – but keeping your eyes on a loving God will help you leave the negative behind you and positive can take hold of you and lead you forward.
  1. Emotional release – there are emotions trapped in our bodies that we don’t even know are there. They are from events and occurrences from our past, and can be passed down through generations in our DNA. These are made of pure energy, and they vibrate in your body causing damage and distress. I have seen releasing of trapped emotions eliminate pain in an instant, and I’ve seen it take more work than that.   I am personally trained in Emotion Code ( and I am happy to assist you with this too. This tool combined with lots of prayer has been incredibly effective.
  1. Essential oils – there is such beauty in the chemistry of essential oils.   These are the life essence of the plant. The healing, protection, and restoration of the plant to life – and that applies in the human body also. Emotions are biochemistry (energy) as is the biochemistry (energy) of the plant. They create a cascade of neurotransmitters and other chemical elements that leave a residue (The Molecules of Emotion by Candice Pert explains this more). That residue can, over time, leave it’s mark on cell function, it can change DNA and RNA to the point that it no longer functions as originally programmed. This is the chemistry of how emotions change your health. They also impact your ability to make good decisions.

Sometimes that need for comfort from distress, grief, anger, etc translates into eating that’s out of control, and is made unconsciously. That unconscious eating means we often choose things that are temporarily satisfying, but ultimately damaging.

Essential oils bathe the cells in health and restoration – and in doing so, can erase the bad programming of emotions and trauma.  One drop of essential oils covers your cells 40,000x in 20 minutes – now that’s fast!

The breakthrough is coming – it sometimes takes time and exasperation to get there – but it doesn’t have to.

You don’t have to suffer in silence – there is help that doesn’t include a chemical, you have options.   I am here to be a guide for you, please let me do that for you.

If you would like to schedule an emotion code session or to get started with essential oils as a health enhancement tool – I am here to guide you.


Peace, and God bless you.


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