It’s funny, as I’ve explored along the path of healing, I’ve discovered some neat, cool and very interesting things. Let me tell you about chicken – but I’m going to back up a bit to get us there.

My biggest issue was intense discomfort that starts at the base of my skull on either the right or left side of my spine. When they are at their worst, they wrap around behind my eyes, and then travel down my shoulders to my elbows. Left unchecked they can put me out for days. At one point, I had one of these events every day for 4 years. Nothing worked, except chiropractic to relieve the head pressure, and I became a huge fan of chiropractic.

Sometimes that didn’t work and I started to wonder why.  My body tends toward muscle discomfort and stiffness. My shoulders and neck primarily, but it can settle into mid-back and hips just as well. Over time I’ve explored and found the reasons why this happens, and how to manage it. I’m going to share those here with you.

It started with gluten and my right shoulder – it finally came unstuck after 6 months without gluten, YAY! It took lots of Omega 3 high quality fish oil to restore lubrication. Check the box.

Then it was tomatoes. I was once told I had an issue with tomatoes, but I ignored it. When I once read in one of my professional journals that tomatoes cause stiffness and sore muscles, LIGHTBULB! “If you struggle to stand up and get moving because you’re stiff – it could be tomatoes.” So away they went, and within a couple of weeks I noticed the difference, so tomatoes are gone. I added magnesium (1-2 doses) before bed because that helps with muscle relaxation, and that lowered the discomfort threshold significantly. Check the box.

But those occiput nerves would flare up – about 1-2x per month, and they usually take me out for a day or two. My objective is to clear any large obstacles to living my biggest life possible each day.   So I had to figure that out. I started working on my kidneys and fluid balance – I found that dehydration was a trigger, and too much sugar, but why won’t it balance out??

Quite by accident I found that an essential oil blend called Aroma Ease made a difference – but that was kind of a mystery.

Then I ate chicken – and put a little BBQ sauce on it – and by the next morning I was in full-blown ouch!   I had read Eat Right For Your Blood Type (I am B-) and it said to stay away from chicken, but I brushed that off, because I eat it about once a week and don’t always notice an issue –but it was the combination that brought it to the surface for me – chicken and tomatoes and I’m off to the races. So I will minimize/eliminate my chicken intake and certainly not have it with tomatoes. (FYI- this does not happen with beef and sauce with tomatoes as an ingredient). Check the box.

A few other things that helped a lot when in crisis – high amounts of vitamin C 15,000-18,000mg and extra doses of Magnesium (liquid isotonic glyconate formula).

So the aroma ease helped because this is by definition a challenge for my digestion to handle the flesh of the chicken.

So my daily regimen includes magnesium, Aroma Ease, Essential-zyme4, Alkalize C, Activated B complex (increase detox), avoiding tomatoes, chicken and gluten, and eating lots of veg and quality protein.

The moral of the story – we may not find the solution to 100% of the problem the first time out, it sometimes takes more detective work. Pay attention to what might trigger, because it may be something you don’t expect at all. Do your work. I would be privileged to help you find your solutions.

Moral #2 – everyone is different – what’s good for one, is most certainly not always good for another. So it’s the right thing to do to eat the way your body likes best, and for others to eat another way. Oh, and that holds true for every other things – supplements, weight loss, exercise, sleep, etc. No one sized fits all – you are you, and no one else.

This sounds like a story of elimination – so what’s left – I can eat beef, turkey, fish, and plant based proteins – I season my food beautifully and LOVE my food. I won’t take my pain for my cravings, I control my food and keep my mobility and live life fully!

Enjoy your food, make sure it’s nourishes you, and seek vitality and fun!

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