I heard this statement over the weekend regarding change – “A healthy level of disgust”. Hmm….. so what does it take to spur change on? Why did I finally give up the donuts and pepsi? I was finally digusted – and I don’t mean with what I saw in the mirror because that NEVER motivated me… I mean disgusted with what I was looking forward to. Pain, discomfort, fatigue, and losing the most precious thing of all – doing things for and with my kids.

That was the “healthy level of disgust I had” my life was going downhill, and I wasn’t about to let that happen. So I started pushing the cart uphill, and it took time and work and change and discipline and all those words you hear all the time – and to make it permanent, no quick fix would work, just dedication. 

The picture you see is me – several years ago, and many many pounds and lots of inflammation gone.  I’m completing the Warrior Dash 5K with obstacles and mud with my kids next weekend, and just last night I held a plank for 1 minute (and counting).  I never thought I would do those things – and now I am.  I’m considering the Spartan Race…should I do it?

So what are you disgusted with in your health? Is that disgust enough to make you change?

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