DNA Analysis can be your tool for better health


You are unique – one of a kind, and your health solutions should be that too.  What you eat, how you exercise, what supplements you take cannot be one size fits all.  A unique, targeted solution can be most effective at ensuring a healthy, active, vibrant life.

Other report information includes cardiovascular, physical, mood and emotional, MTHFR deficiencies, targeted food and exercise.

Gene SNP is not used to diagnose, treat, prevent or heal disease.  It cannot tell you if you are sick or have any illness.  It is a tool for wellness planning only.

So how do you get started – with a simple cheek swab, and a lab analysis, 41 different gene polymorphisms (differences) can be identified, and from that data, a complete analysis is performed.  You are given a report that you can keep, use, share with your doctor to help you create your own healthy lifestyle.  This creates independence and freedom, and is very effective.

Gene SNP DNA analysis is available only through nutraMetrix health professionals such as myself.


Contact me today to get your Gene SNP analysis completed, no need to wait, every day is lost time – capture it now, plan for it and lead a healthy and vibrant life.


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