Epigenetics – Hardware and software

hard drive

Epigenetics is an emerging science study of how our body works.

We have long talked of genetics – the DNA of how we work and where we came from – however that hard wiring only accounts for 2% of DNA, the rest was known as junk DNA.  We now know that junk serves a purpose.

Your body is like a computer – hardware, software, a computer , mouse and keyboard.

The hardware is your structure – bone size, height, size of your nose, size of your feet. Once set, those elements remain roughly the same.

The software is your blood, tissues, organs, joints, brain, nerves. They are all controlled by DNA programming that responds to outside influences – toxins, food, air, water, sleep. That is epigenitics – and that is where lifestyle comes in.

Genetics starts the engine, but what gas you put in makes it run poorly or well.

Over time, when we are missing nutrients in your diet, or toxins are eating them up (look at your keyboard) and look at the letter A – beta carotene – can influence how your eye sight is. If you are missing foods that contain the letter A, then your eyesight deteriorates. If you replace the foods in your diet with the orange foods that contain beta carotenes, then your eyesight can improve.

So think of your diet – most people are missing Magnesium (M), Calcium (C), Iodine (I), Vitamin Bs (B). Now I want to you type without those letters. What would your typing look like?

That’s what’s happening in your body when you are missing those nutrients – you are typing without a full keyboard.

Maybe you have tight muscles, eye twitches, nervousness, anxiety, can’t sleep well, eyesight is affected, thyroid is running low, muscles don’t recover after exercise, you have constipation, your hair is falling out, you have headaches, you have repeated respiratory infections.

Now take your mouse – and move over to the X at the top of your screen. When you X out those nutrients through soda, fast food, sugar, toxic lotion, water with fluoride, toxic chemical cleaners, and not sleeping enough….you begin to close down the programs that run your body in a healthy way.

Ok, now take your mouse and hover over the shutdown button – that’s your next option.

Insert those nutrients back into your body through good quality organic food, and your keyboard will begin to run your body programs again.

Now use your keyboard, and email me and let’s get you on the road to a healthy lifestyle so your body can HEAL what you have going on. When you put those nutrients back in – your body WILL HEAL ITSELF! It will TAKE TIME, it will take DEDICATION, and it will get better.