How many times have you been told you cannot change your genes?

How many of you go to fill out a form and it asks you who in your family died young, had what illness, etc?

I’m here to tell you – THOSE GENES AREN’T STUCK! Epigenetics is an emerging science of how gene’s express themselves when they are exposed to an outside influence.

For example – broccoli can help prevent Cancer.


“sulforaphane” compound in broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables is so good for you — it provides not just one, but two ways to prevent cancer through the complex mechanism of epigenetics.



Outside influences can change how your genes work. Things like chemicals, medications, foods, herbs, essential oils can change how you feel, what your potential is for illness, and even reverse dis-ease.

Genes were once thought to be fixed, permanent, and not changeable – however human understanding of the complexity of our cells, shows that’s simply not true – your choices and environment can better predict your chance of dis-ease.



  • Eliminate the chemicals that interrupt cellular function
  • Bring in raw, organic vegetables daily
  • Eliminate sugar and artificial sweeteners
  • Add in targeted supplementation – individual for you
  • Essential oils add methyl donors which can impact gene expression positively



Methylation is a process of converting nutrients into other nutrients by adding things – sort of like baking a cake, you add eggs, milk, and vanilla to salt, sugar, and flour and you get a cake. Methylation is like that, however the outcome is detoxification, good moods, better brain function, healthier body.

Methyl donors come from various places – spinach provides folate which donates to the cake mix that is methylation. Grass fed beef gives you B12, which also donates to the cake mix.

There are some rules to consider:

  1. Plant based Detoxification is going to be needed if MTHFR is not functioning well – you will know if you aren’t detoxifying if you are maintaining weight you cannot get rid of, your hands and feet swell, sleep is interrupted, your face is puffy, you feel like food just sits, you have gas, bloating, stomach or GI discomfort, don’t poo regularly, don’t urinate regularly. These are a few of the hundreds of signs and symptoms.   You start by detoxing your GI tract and liver properly, then your body can take in the folate and B12 and convert them to the needed methylated forms of these same nutrients.
  1. You cannot get what you need from most supplements. Folic acid and cyanocobalamin don’t work. You need Methylated forms of these nutrients.
  1. You have to be drinking enough water and eating better food. If you continue to eat a poor diet, it’s like pouring water into a bucket with a hole in it.


If you suspect this is an issue for you, I’m happy to meet with you to set up a proper program to get you on the road to healthy detoxification and gene expression.


-Julianna Sauber, ND, CNHP





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