Food Myth #2: Milk

Milk is not what it was!!

  1. Milk today is homogenized, pasteurized, and not what it was 50 years ago.  Calcium in original milk comes from cows eating plants.  Today’s cows eat a formulated mixture of grains and GMO corn, with pesticides, herbicides, hormones, and antibiotics because of how cow’s are raised.  (research CAFOs).

  2. You cannot get any appreciable calcium from milk.  Milk proteins and sugars create acidity in the body – in order to offset acidity, the body uses calcium to offset that acidity – the net impact is no calcium absorption.

  3. Anything other than whole milk contains powdered milk to give it body.  Powdered milk contains oxidized cholesterol.  This form of cholesterol is known to cause hardening of the arteries.

  4. No other mammal on earth drinks the milk of another mammal.  After the age of 2, our bodies do not produce enough lactase to digest milk proteins.  The result is mucous production which fills up the digestive system, the lungs and the respiratory system.  It is a leading cause of frequent repeated ear infections.  Milk allergies are on the rise!