Food Myth #4: If it says healthy or natural on the package, it must be good for you!

Chemicals are ubiquitous in our society – having snuck into all aspects of our lives.

  1. Marketing is a slippery business.  The truth about food marketing is that it’s all about making money.  The big food companies will say just about anything, just on the border of truth to sell you their products.  Recently, it was discovered that the new “healthy foods” seal on some foods like Kellogg’s cereals – is in fact a program fully funded by food companies like kraft and Kellogg’s to fool you into believing it’s good for you.  Read the ingredients list and follow the rules:  less than 10 ingredients (5 is preferred) and if you don’t know chemistry, look it up or put the box down and walk away!

  2. Be very cautious about when it says natural – there is no legal definition for natural – so companies can use it with their own creative license.

  3. Not all organic is created the same – recently it was discovered that only 30% of the food coming from China that is labeled organic is actually grown organically.  There is not enough oversight in the FDA to catch these indiscretions, so my rule is NO FOOD from china – none!

  4. Genetically modified foods exist even in so called organics, health foods or natural foods