Food Myth #5: Fat is Bad

Fat is necessary:

  1. Certain vitamins are “fat-soluable” which means they need fat to be taken up and used in the body (A, D, E K1 and K2)

  2. The foundation of hormones is fat and cholesterol – if you have hormone problems, that could be because the building blocks are missing

  3. Lowfat dairy is not better

  • Non-fat foods are filled with chemicals and processed unnaturally in ways that deplete the body of nutrients
  • Skim milk contains oxidized cholesterol which is known to cause hardening of the arteries
  • Good brain health and nerve health is needed and fat is key to both.
  • Good fats are essential in how successful your pregnancy is, how healthy the baby is, and easier pregnancies and delivery.  (eg higher vitamin D levels dropped c-section rate by 50%)

The fats must be:

  1. Pastured/grass fed

  2. Organic

Examples:  grass fed raw butter, tallow, grass fed beef, avocado, fish, oysters, shrimp, fish roe…

And good fat foods mixed with leafy greens increases the nutrient absorption significantly.