Expressing thanks may be one of the best ways to get well.

In our society of wanting more, feeling like we don’t have enough, a general sense of scarcity – gratitude is often ignored.
In positive psychology research, gratitude is strongly associated with greater happiness. Gratitude helps people feel more positive emotions, enjoy life and good experiences, improve their health, deal with adversity (be more resilient), and build strong relationships.
As Dr. Bruce Lipton showed,  our emotions impact our DNA (see the Emotional release page) gratitude is high in the emotional frequency and can positively impact your body.
Because of the physical benefits of positive thoughts on our cells, DNA and our physical health, starting with gratitude is a great and easy way to bring that healing in.
Gratitude is a simple practice that can provide so much peace, amplify joy, and a feeling that you and your family are being provided with what you need, and to draw more of what you want. That is where it starts, and it’s as simple as that, or is it. Sometimes getting started with gratitude is hard when your go to has been complaining. Complaining brings you more of what you don’t want. The energy you put your focus on, returns to you in the same way, but stronger. So if you focus on the things you are grateful for. Start simply and build upon that.

Start here: I am grateful and thankful for God, breathing, walking, my home, food in my pantry, a car to drive, sunshine, oxygen, water, hugs, etc.
I am grateful and thankful for…..
1. Breathing
2. Life
3. Sunshine
4. _______________________
5. _______________________
6. _______________________
7. _______________________
Repeat this list every morning and every evening, and through the day as needed. Be grateful for every stoplight, every traffic jam, every cloud in the sky, every person in the grocery store. Start your day with positive gratitude, and end your day with positive gratitude. In time, this becomes automated and then you see the good in the world automatically, rather than the bad.
Add things to the list as you think of them. Add bigger things as time goes on…..and add in there the things that you want to see happen. For example: Want a new car: I’m grateful and thankful for a very reliable car. Want a different job: I’m grateful and thankful for a job that pays well and gives me flexibility for my family. Want to do what you’re meant to: I grateful and thankful to be pursuing my life’s purpose and passion……..Start out small, then ask for bigger and ask for what you want.
What you project out, what you feel, what you talk and think about comes back your way…….
Note: If you have anger toward someone, here is an idea:
1. Write out all the things you are angry at them for
2. Give thanks for the lessons they give you in life
3. Put that paper in a bowl and light it on fire – send that anger up to the angels to be converted into love and compassion
4. Give thanks to the angels for their service

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