I have 2 boys – both amazing, both hurt by vaccines. But before I begin, lets start with me. I have also struggled with my health and issues my whole life. Digestive complaints, weight gain, exhaustion, moodiness, etc. Just normal teenager stuff, right. I completed my Bachelors degree in Business Administration after high school, and went off to start a successful career in manufacturing management. I traveled for work, ate amazing food, all without regard to what was happening. I was very normal.

My first pregnancy was not normal – I gained over 30# of water weight, had trouble managing sugar and birthed an 11# 6oz Baby via C-section. He was whisked away and given his vitamin K and Hep B shot and a bath almost immediately – screaming and swollen. He then went to bottle-fed. He threw up after every feeding, so the doctor suggested a lactose free formula, which reduced the throw up, but not by much. He had rice cereal at 5 months because he was “starving” and would not sleep. He had started out at the top of the growth chart, and was quickly dropping off below the growth chart. At 8 weeks old I took him to daycare. A caring kind family who did the best they could. He also had torticollis, which created some challenges for his muscles.

I remember one time before he was 2 he went through a period where he started hitting his head on the floor when he was mad, we all just wrote it off to a phase that would pass, and after a couple of weeks it did.

Our second boy came along when the first was around 3. This pregnancy was easier – I still don’t know why, but I did crave pasta – specifically spaghetti. He loves it to this day.

He was born scheduled C-section, because by then we knew that I had a fibroid tumor about the size of a grapefruit that was in there with him. He was 8# 4oz so a more “normal” size, and was immediately whisked off for bath and vaccines. I was able to nurse him for a few weeks, and then switched to formula fed. He stayed on the growth chart.

My second child was also vaccinated on schedule. A few things were very different for him. 1. He got sick frequently – at least 5-6 illnesses during winter and even some summertime. 2. He didn’t speak too many words until later in his 3rd year. 3. He had fluid on his ears every time we took him to the doctor – so he had antibiotics, then tubes, then tubes again and adenoids removed. 4. He had terrible mood swings and angry out bursts – sometimes uncontrollable. We used to laugh at it as it was just him, but then as he got older they became harder to handle. He got so angry one time he ran himself into a wall and cut his head open. 5. He had terrible constipation (which we attributed to laziness) – then he would have accidents. 6. He developed tics and twitches and later what I recognized as “flapping.”

We followed doctor’s orders, because that’s what you do – they are the experts, right? They know EVERYTHING about what’s going on, they know that everything has been studied for use for every individual everywhere.   We made our check-up appointments as we were told to and followed the progression on charts and “expected milestones.”

He was about 3 when we removed chemical cleaning products from our home. I did it because I had read about their potential health affects and it frightened me. What I didn’t expect is that our boy would have fewer colds and illness.   He did. We went from 5-6 to 1-2 almost overnight. I thought they were keeping the germs away, what I didn’t realize is that they were triggering a reaction in his immune system. He still wasn’t speaking much – just some words only we could understand – and he ate food as if it was his last meal, this ravenous appetite, and snacks, hiding snacks, taking large handfuls and running off with them. I constantly found wrappers and evidence in various places in his room.

We then moved across the state, and the round robin of ENT visits started – tubes, then more fluid on his ears, so switch doctors, and more fluid, then tubes and adenoids removed. Fluid on his ears continued.  I at one time asked the ENT what caused it, she looked at me like I had two heads, and I realized that WHY is not what is taught in medical school – just how to respond to suppress the symptoms.  We then moved on to other options.

Sometime along that path I had gotten sick too, but moms don’t stop – we just keep going. I went to the doctor, they drew blood and told me everything was fine – but I was not fine – I felt like I was 80 years old, and every day was painful and moody. I was beginning to wake up to the shortcomings of this medical system. I’ve never been a fan of doctors and medicines – but I didn’t know why. I always took myself to a DO hoping to get more natural options and they were generally more “open” to finding an alternative but mine still pushed some drugs hard.

Our first son was dealing with allergies – sometimes terribly – allergist said cats, dogs and pollen. Ok. We have had a dog for years, and we have no cat – they have never triggered him. None of the usual allergy meds made a difference, so he suffered sometimes sneezing 50+ times in a day.

As a joke – I posted, does someone know a good allergist, and my son’s nose is driving me crazy. A good friend recommended I see an acupuncturist and see if gluten was an issue. She had been trying to tell me this for months, but I didn’t listen. I finally made an appointment for sneezy son and I to go in. It was pretty eye opening. His issues were gluten and corn, and mine gluten, tomatoes, onions and vinegar. That’s strange.

So we came home and announced we were cutting out gluten – still not sure what that was, I started my research and I was APPALLED AND DISGUSTED at what was happening in our food. If you haven’t seen Food, Inc – you should take the time. It started us on a journey of changing over to local, organic food and questioning everything we eat, reading INGREDIENT LABELS and questioning before we presumed.

Turns out my other son has issues with gluten corn and dairy, so we changed again.

I eventually went back to school to become a Naturopath so I can answer these questions for others too. I have fully recognized the strengths and weaknesses of the modern medical system and I appreciate it for what it is. Here are some big lessons from my schooling and subsequent experience:

The body can heal ITSELF

  1. You can actively detox the things that have been put in – and it’s critical to recovery
  2. Belief is the first hurdle to overcome – you have to believe, even if it’s a small amount, that this is possible
  3. There are so many options, an uncountable number of ways to remove toxins and support the body in healing – YOU HAVE OPTIONS
  4. It takes you to become educated and empowered to stand on your own two feet – there is nothing more powerful than a decided mom.

I tell you this because I hope that you will begin to look at the evidence and make an informed decision. My decision is not your decision, yours is individual, however I do believe it should be fully informed.

When they talk about the risks and benefits of a medication, make sure you know the risks too.

Oh and one other note – my boys are doing great today. We did work over a many year period to help them recover, and there is work to be done. This is a lifestyle/lifetime decision.

Oh I forgot to mention one thing – one boy had a UPJ obstruction, that required surgical intervention, and I was thankful that the surgeons had robots and knowledge to do that. He also recently met a chainsaw and had to visit the ER. I am thankful for that too. We just head home and apply nature made, God inspired healing elements to improve recovery and he’s doing great!

As I look back my lessons are:

  1. Ask, research, question, and research some more. The truth is often somewhere in the middle.
  2. Everyone is different; we cannot make one size fit all
  3. Doctors don’t know everything – they can’t. They are also told what they believe by a limited set of “experts” like the CDC and Pharma, who have their own personal interests and agendas. I’m glad we made personal decisions away from the “norm” or the “expected” decisions.

What would I do differently? What you see above and I would have never blindly trusted. I would also have eaten better for my pregnancies, taken a better quality multi-vitamin, and exercised more. I would have tried hard for a home birth and especially avoided the first 2 vaccines –that are entirely unnecessary.  Today we choose to support the immune system naturally.

This is a vaccine injury story – and though I believe the vaccines triggered the issues listed above, I do not believe they do it alone. Poor diet, toxic environment, sick microbiome, too much yeast, too much sugar, too many antibiotics, sick meat, etc.

I have peace about my decision – and the decision to steer clear of regular medical intervention was made because I informed myself on what was needed to maintain health, and built a tool kit to take care of us. You can do that too.

Blessings on your life.


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