In Dedication to Almonds

I was at church last week and my dear fried offered me raw, unsalted almonds. It was a small bag, however she was generously sharing her bounty.

I have learned to not only appreciate almonds, but to love them. As I nibbled on the first two almonds, they went by quickly, then I remembered that you must take 20 chews with each bite to get good digestion, so I slowed down.

As I sat and listened to the amazing message of this service, I chewed silently on my almond and began to savor the amazing complexity of beauty of the flavor of an almond.

When you first bite into an almond, it is at first second a little earth. I sense the flavor of the amazing soil from which the almond first sprang. Soil is where our healing elements originate; good, clean soil produces good food. The earthiness makes way for a subtle sweetness that I believe comes from the small amount of sugar that is in each and every almond. Offset by the nutrients and fiber, that small amount of sugar helps to give fuel to our cells, in a slow and measured way.

That late sweetness stays in your mouth for a long time, echoing the brilliance and majesty of a simple almond.

Almonds contain: Vitamin A, C, E, Thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, b6, Folate, pantothenic acid, choline, Betaine. It is a large source of calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium (all bone building elements), as well as iron, zinc, sodium, copper, manganese and selenium. The fats contained in almonds help build nerves, brain, cells and hormones.

Almonds should be called superfoods. They give you more calcium than a glass of milk. Soak your almonds overnight in water to maximize digestion, and enjoy these nuts in abundance.