By: Julianna Sauber, ND

My life has been filled with pain. The physical pain that can stop you in your tracks. My first migraine was age 12 – I remember I wanted to beat my head against the headboard of my bed because I figured it would feel better, and I bet it would have. Migraines are TERRIBLE!

Fast forward to my 20’s when the migraines continued and were added to by abdominal pain and lots of muscle stiffness.

Fast forward to my 30’s where it got really bad. I added occiput nerve headaches that would mean I couldn’t turn my head and I was in constant agony.   In my early 30’s I added shoulder pain and stiffness on the side where I hit during my moped accident. Then right hip and knee pain. Add to that general muscle pain and achiness.

By age 36-37, all of that was crashing down on me at once. I was miserable, and as all well trained American’s do, I made a doctors appointment – about number 75 to talk about pain. The doctors loved to tell me to lose weight, or that my cholesterol was high, and that my blood sugar was borderline. Take some OTC pain med and go home and lose some weight was their only solution. I just wanted to feel good. I just wanted to run with my kids on the soccer field, or hike with them, or just keep up with them biking. I just wanted to be out of pain. I didn’t care about cholesterol or sugar or any of that.

I finally fired them all and started researching. I didn’t get far, there are too many things you can read that give you ideas on how to get well. They all say different things; whatever the writer’s thing that time was about, and I suppose at some level this will be the same. I just want you to know a few things. 1. You can take care of the pain. I don’t mean 100% of the time, but 90% of the time. 2. You can do it yourself with the right tools. 3. To really succeed you must take many steps and have a no compromise attitude on some things. 4. You will have to work against the sage advise and doubting dissentions of your parents, your doctors, maybe even your spouse.   They will all have opinions – but it is your journey, so take it your way. Period.

So I’m going to tell you about my journey – and I’m going to tell you some highlights of people I’ve worked with. I hope that from this writing you can glean some next steps to take.

Oh, and I want to emphasize this – some of you will have to take all of these steps and more. I also want to emphasize that if you decide to supplement or buy herbs or oils – you cannot compromise on quality, or you will not succeed as you could have. Cost means little when it comes to being healthy. I will list my resources below, and you may contact me with questions. Your life, literally and figuratively may depend on it. So here goes….

Headaches and migraines

The causes of headaches are varied; here are some things to consider because they helped me, I know they did.

  1. Cut out gluten and sugar and alcohol. No compromise – they cause inflammation and inflammation causes pain.
  2. Find a good chiropractor and go regularly – it’s not a secret that misalignment can cause neck and back pain – but it may be your hips, or your knee or your mid back that’s out of alignment causing you neck pain.
  3. Get a good pillow – talk to your chiropractor about this – good sleep position is super important.
  4. Take magnesium – you can do a lot with heavy Epsom salt baths, but a good magnesium supplement will do wonders.
  5. You must detox the junk you’ve been eating and putting in and on your body. The ibuprophen, Excedrin, painkillers, medications, toxic foods, sugars, etc. You must detox, it’s not optional. And it will likely take you many rounds to detox all of it.
  6. Pathogens – I’ve found that fungus, mold, bacteria, viruses and parasites can cause headaches. There are a variety of effective ways to eliminate these, and they don’t have to be expensive – seek out my help and we will get these out for you.
  7. Dehydration is a main cause of many headaches – true and proper hydration is critical. Good sources include coconut water, filtered water with sea salt.
  8. Sleep and rest cut out stress – stress causes inflammation, inflammation causes pain.
  9. Essential oils have been beneficial in many ways – I only use Young Living Essential oils, their quality system is unmatched, and I have experienced amazing results using these oils.


  1. CUT OUT GLUTEN AND SUGAR – it took 6 months to get mobility back.
  2. Take high quality enzymes frequently to help you clean up your body


  1. Lubrication is critical for joints – I took 6000mg of high quality omega 3 for months.
  2. Bone broth made from healthy animals – I make it myself from bones of grass fed cows and organic chickens and the minerals, silicon and other ingredients that I ingest regularly help to lubricate and strengthen my muscles, ligaments and joints
  3. Ignore the chondroitin – and don’t buy the garbage at the drug store, get a good joint supplement.


This for me has been varied – I will address the things that helped me and mention a few that have been beneficial for others.

  1. Proper mattress
  2. Exercise – working on my core and strengthening my back
  3. Anti-inflammatory foods and supplements like OPC3 and Ningxia Red.
  4. High doses of vitamin C – the reasons for this are as varied as the many things that are helped by vitamin c
  5. Curcumin and OPC 3 have been brilliant to help with inflammation
  6. Copaiba – research it.
  7. Stretching – proper stretching has made a huge difference in my flexibility
  8. Ice water baths – are incredible for releasing lactic acid and reducing pain – takes a bit of getting used to though.


1.  Gluten free and low sugar lifestyle

2.  Anti-inflammatory foods and supplements

3.  regular chiropractic and massage

I will not beat around the bush – you must have high quality food, you must eliminate the Standard American diet (SAD) foods as much as possible and you can’t cheat and get good supplements and expect good results. Don’t cheat yourself and waste your money.

My preferred sources:

  1. nutraMetrix neutracutical supplements – basics like multiple vitamins, activated b-vitamins, and curcumin. Along with OPC3, and many others this is an excellent line of supplements.
  1. Essential oils from Young Living. before you buy – contact me and I’ll tell you how essential oils can change your life and that of your family.
  1. Exercise – I love cross fit – but you have to do exercise that you enjoy and that makes you stronger. Not everyone is meant to run marathons, some of us need yoga, stretching, and Pilates – and that’s ok.
  1. Detox is so varied, I can’t send you to one site or one solution – let’s work together to find the source of your toxicity and make a plan to eliminate.
  1. Food – I’m a huge fan of the paleo lifestyle (minus the excessive pork), because I believe most people can live to that – you must make sure you get loads of vegetables and fat, and watch the sugars, even the fruit.

My website is: or you can find me on Facebook. I’d love to meet you – send me a note to say hi.