Organic: is it hype?

Organic greens

Many people believe that whole, organic food costs more, I don’t believe it! I calculate the cost of healthcare into my food budget, and since I don’t have any healthcare costs, then real food is CHEAP!!! What if you added your healthcare costs into your food budget (every trip to doctor, urgent care and emergency not related to a broken bone or acciden): what’s less expensive, good whole organic food, or the doctors, hospitals and medications??

There is also a time cost to preparing real food, but that’s also balanced out (in my mind) with time not wasted in doctors offices and hospitals. I would much rather be in front of my stove or in my garden then in a doctor’s office, waiting for them to prescribe a chemical to suppress my body’s natural healing ability. I favor eating amazing wholesome food!

Genetically modified foods contain altered proteins that have never occurred before, and are not known or recognized by our bodies.  The body recognizes them as foreign invaders, and launches an immune attack.

In kids, emergency room visits have seen a 265% increase in issues related food allergies, insensitivities, and intolerances.  We have seen significant increases of asthma, diabetes, eczema, autism, adhd, and other conditions we didn’t see in our own childhood:

  • One in three kids now has allergies, asthma, autism or ADHD, or multiple.
  • Asthma deaths are on the rise, especially due to cross-reactivity.
  • One in three kids are expected to be insulin dependent in their 30’s.
  • Cancer is the leading cause of disease for kids under 15.
  • Are kids allergic to milk, or the new genetically modified milk with growth hormone and excessive antibiotics?

Granted, the industry can say there is no evidence of harm, because there are no studies proving they are harmful – however these ingredients were introduced into the food supply in 1994 – and we have seen a dramatic rise in illness in kids.  This is no coincidence.

Over 60 countries around the world have decided to exercise caution and reject, ban, or wait for proof they are safe.  Many of these countries have put warning labels on GMOs or artificial food additives.

In a coal mine the miners send in a canary, however we have sent in our children as the canaries into the food coal mine.  The next people to be affected is the aging population – alzheimers, obesity, heart disease, diabetes.

I know this is hard to hear, and I know it’s hard to think that we may have fed this to our kids, it’s heart breaking.

There is so much you can do to protect your health and the health of your children.  I understand the juggle of time and budget, I’m offering to you that you can do it, you can make it better, and it will be great!

Visit the River Country Local Food Guide web site for local options.