In 1990, Dr. David Root, an occupational specialist, had published a paper2 in which he collected fat samples from Yugoslavian capacitor workers exposed to toxic chemicals. Their fat contained 140 to 150 times higher levels of toxins than their blood.

After the use of the detoxification program, the toxic chemicals decreased by 30 percent from the fat so there was residual toxic chemicals still in fat even though these workers felt better.

So that is the question he asked: What will happen to them next if they have residual chemical left even after aggressive treatment? Dr. Yu and Dr. John Laseter then looked at what the levels might be under normal conditions, in people who had not been exposed to highly toxic chemicals.

Note: His results were published online in 2011.3

The study assessed the level of toxic chemicals in the visceral fat in the following four different compartments of patients undergoing elective surgery, some for cancers, others for benign conditions.

This is a true In-Vivo study.

  • The subcutaneous fat – under your skin
  • The visceral fat – fat in the abdomen next to stomach, liver, and intestines
  • The retroperitoneal fat – fat in the area behind the stomach and next to the pancreas, kidney, adrenal gland, and major blood vessels aorta and vena cava
  • The pelvic fat – fat in the area of the bladder, prostate, and lower arteries

He discovered that certain substances, such as dichlorodiphenyldichloroethylene (DDE), which is a metabolite of dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (DDT), was consistently about 1,000 times higher in fat than the blood serum levels in the average person.

The average person is likely to have more than 500 times higher levels of toxins in their bodies than what is revealed in their blood serum. Interestingly, certain internal organs, such as kidneys and prostate, did not show the presence of toxic chemicals at all.

Infrared sauna will mobilize these toxins for elimination. Combined with hydration, exercise, electrolytes, B-vitamins and other detoxification aids the infrared sauna can help speed up the mobilization of those toxins for elimination.

Remember, hair coloring is a toxic chemical; especially hairdresser, people with large burden of chemicals from massive tattoos, and people who work with chemicals and solvents probably need the cleansing more. I would say [sit in the sauna for] an hour. The temperature has to be high enough, so that you’re sweating. Now, you could be sweating even in a bathtub if the water’s clean.

Ideal 130-140 degrees Fahrenheit

Take b-vitamins prior to sauna 30 minutes,

Just after sauna, take detoxification aids, then

Wait 2 hours to take supplements.