You are worth more than a cheeseburger!


You are beautiful, victorious, and worth more than what you put in your mouth. Your worth is not defined by your waist size or the number on that awful scale.

Navigating the medical gauntlet has become a daunting, scary and very expensive exercise in futility.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled we have our modern medicine.  It’s great for emergency medicine, urgent care and saving lives in a crisis – it’s gotten amazing at that – after 200 years of trial and error.

Where modern medicine fails is in chronic care.  The ‘eases’ – dis-eases and you all know their names.  Pharmaceutical companies are in the business not of cures, but of customers.  There is no doctor, hospital or pharmaceutical that can cure you.  In fact, many of them leave more damage than you started with, and so many are cumulative.  One more pill needed to offset the side effects of the first pill they gave you.

You have choices…..options you may not have explored yet, but very effective, time worn and tested options.  They are going to mean making changes in your food, and thinking differently about what you put in and on your body – but the “side” effect is feeling good, looking younger, more energy, less pain, and getting closer to being the person you were meant to be.  YAY

If you have hormone or sleep issues, stress, sugar issues, heart issues,  and are on medications – the weight loss will not come, or if you use extreme measures to lose weight, you will do more damage to your hormonal system.  I know thin women and men who are not healthy, their hormones are not right, they don’t sleep well, their hearts are overworked, they are on medications for thyroid, depression, and other illnesses, they have osteoporosis, and bad backs, and cracking knees – but darn it if they don’t fit into those size 4 jeans!

So how do you know if your hormones are off – you don’t sleep right, you crave foods, you can’t handle stress, you want to cry a lot, you lack motivation to get up and go, everything sets you off and makes you angry, you have no sex drive, your attitude toward life is tired, sarchastic, and pessimistic.

I hear so many people say they want to lose weight as fast as possible – and I can understand that, it’s such a lure to be the “skinny” cover model, I feel your pain, I’ve been there.  After I changed my lifestyle to a more traditional program, the weight went away for me, over 70lbs.

I know now that by healing my body, resolving my hormone issues and making lifestyle based changes that include food, chemical exposure and rest, that the weight loss has been a great side effect of those right choices.  BTW – it’s not the conventional information you see on the TV, it’s real nutrition based on generations of good health around the world.

I want to be a senior citizen who is vibrant and healthy – I want to walk the Appalachian trail at 70!

Here’s another thing to note – You can be skinny and sick, so thin does not equal healthy.

Work to be healthy, happy and your right body size will be a direct effect of good choices.

You can do that on your own, slog through the blogs, magazines, books, TV shows, or you can rely on someone who has lived it and has studied natural choices.

What do you want??  What are you willing to change to make healthy, happy, energetic happen?