Ease and Flow Energy Therapy

Medical Intuition, Ancestral Healing, Sound Healing, Quantum Frequency Healing, and much more.

THIS is your chance to free yourself from pain, from grief, from fear and to live far above all of the fear that stops so many people.

I’ve seen it a seemingly endless list of emotional baggage that you can’t seem to put down. 100# of emotional weight that causes physical problems – including di-sense.

What are you going to do about the 95% under the surface – in the subconscious? How do you tap into that and change, shift, release, and bring love into unloved spaces?


This therapy which is individualized to your needs and experiences combines brain balancing and repatterning, whole brain integration, tuning forks, essential oils, vocalization and word therapy, Reiki, stones and  to clear and harmonize your energetic body.  

What’s an energetic body – read below.


  • rise in vitality
  • increase in energy and clarity of thought
  • ease and peace in life, handle what comes in easily
  • turn up the dial on your charisma – barriers drop between people and relationships are improved (home, work, public)
  • You are better at BEING HUMAN!

I’m here to guide people to


harness your power and potential

powerfully choose your behaviors 

 This is bringing your emotional energy in alignment with your physical body, absolutely necessary to heal fully.  

Read on……

An analogy – the human body and a computer….

Body – hardware (the box of the computer)

Mind – software (the programs of the computer)

Nothing works without energy, frequency, vibration – your computer won’t turn on or run efficiently and neither will your body unless you manage and power up your body’s energy channels.  

Energy channels and batteries – meridians, chakras and the biofield (bubble around our body).  This is our energetic body.  

Interference such as EMF (electromagnetic frequency), dehydration, stress, trauma, emotional upset, lack fo sleep, too much time indoors, too much exposure to electronics – all of these affect how electric travels through our bodies.  

Meridians, chakras, biofield.  The body is bioenergetic!

Meridians are pathways (highways) through our body between systems and organs that allow energy to traverse through our bodies.  Unhampered we have good energy, things work well, we have no pain, we sleep well, etc.  When there is interference or full disconnect, we experience many or all of these things.  

For example – Sluggish bladder meridian – tight hamstrings, tight back fo knees, can’t touch toes, tight and sore low back, under shoulder blades, occipital ridge pain and headaches – etc.  

Reconnecting and clearing meridians can lead to relief in these areas – combined with other approaches complete recovery is possible.  

Chakras – power centers of the body – located with the endocrine glands.  These energy centers can be excessive, deficiency or in balance.  They impact personality, view of life, interpersonal relationships, work, motivation, outlook on life, etc.  These are often muddied by experiences of our childhood, trauma, emotional upset and will impact physical function of the body if left out of balance.  

Biofield – this is what is known as the aura. Biofield” is the word chosen by a team of National Institute of Health scientists in 1994 to describe the field of energy and information that surrounds and interpenetrates the human body. It is composed of both measurable electromagnetic energy and subtle energy, or chi.

It’s field approximately 6’ off our body in all directions that contains many elements of our person.  Memories, experiences are stored here.  We interact with other people on an energetic level that is often subconscious but can manifest as conscious expression.  

For example – your sitting in a room and talking, and someone angry walks in – the whole room shifts – you feel their anger energy in your biofield and you respond to it in a way that is subsconsious.  Some get angry, some get fearful, some are not bothered by it.  That’s based on the interference in their biofield, their experiences and traumas they are carrying or how balanced they are.  

The HEARTMATH INSTITUTE has measured the energy of the heart output 10 up to 50 feet from the body.  

Utilizing sound instruments such as tuning forks, we bring the body into resonant frequencies, power the chakras and align the meridians, and clear the biofield – this allow for healing, emotional, physical and spiritual.  


How does it work?

Every living thing radiates and absorbs energies of various types. The cells of the body respond to frequency/sound waves either positively or negatively. Frequency has been shown to change a cell in the motion of dissention/dis-ease or toward joy/health. The frequency used determines which direction the cells move in.

Inside of you is all the healing potential you need.

Our life experiences and inherited traumas are like bridges over the river of your life, slowing down the flow. How do you clear it?

I can do hat work with you.

Color and sound are both frequency/waves, and communicate at a cellular and DNA level with your body.

What is it used for?

A Major use of certain colors and sounds such as green, and 528hz is to calm, relax the body and nervous system, and bring it into a state of healing. Other colors like red are stimulating.

Stress, trauma recovery, relaxation, sleep, calming, mood elevation, initializing a healing or detoxification process, recovery, etc.…

Have you seen what’s used for a jaundiced baby? Blue light. Light and frequency are even used to shrink kidney stones.

How long does it take?

For stress reduction, just a few 50 minute sessions can make a significant different

For long term chronic or more serious issues, it may take 10+ sessions up to an hour each. We cannot specifically foretell how much time your needs will take to balance.   Most everyone notices some changes after one session, for more chronic long-standing conditions, you may not sense the changes at first – for a very small number of people, there is no change at all, this is very unusual. Everyone should try it.

Is it painful?

The process is not painful; detoxifications reactions are possible, but are generally short lived, and encourage the healing process to move forward (are beneficial).

Who can benefit from these?

Anyone, even animals.

The Schuman Resonance is the frequency of the earth that resonates at the same frequency range as the brain – that is why when in nature you feel so calm and relaxed.

The earliest documented sound session was when David played for Saul to calm his nerves. Have you ever had a song that made you happy, made you sad or brought back memories? It is communicating at a deep sub-conscious level to your cells.   The use of specific frequencies can elicit positive healing responses physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Eistein discovered the human body resonanted at 7.83hz, Schumann discovered the earth resonated at 7.83hz.  Coincidence or Divine design?  We resonance at the frequency of the earth we live on.  

For those seeking to ascend to fifth dimension – to free yourself of the tug of war of 3rd dimension duality – good/bad, right/wrong, light/dark.

Life is so good when it flows free and easy!