Emotional Health, Trauma Recovery and Freedom

Along my healing journey, I realized that I was stagnant physically, I was struggling to continue to make progress.  As I prayed for answers, I was introduced to the concept that trapped emotions are biochemical and energetic, and play a significant role in health and recovery.  I now believe they are 90% of healing.

From pain, to disease, to sleep, stress management, mood, depression, etc.  painful emotional memories (most often subconscious) are huge drivers to behavior and physical health.  The energy of emotions builds into a biochemical cascade that affects every cell, down to the DNA.  *for more information, listen to lecture on YouTube by Dr. Bruce Lipton called The Biology of Belief).  This was eye opening for me.  Others such as Dr. Candice Pert, PHD validated and confirmed Dr. Lipton’s findings.  Others before them knew it too.  In Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, they have always taught that your physical health is linked closely to emotional health.

A new dawn is coming on emotional health that will revolutionize our physical health, our relationships, and how we navigate our time in this life.  It can affect everything from what you eat, what you drink, if you take drugs, how you relate to your spouse, your kids, your coworkers.  How you handle difficulty in life, your inability to stop being depressed, to get out in the world, etc.

The power of emotions as frequency can be seen here (taken from the book Power vs Force):

Therapies that emphasize talk are fantastic, for those things that you consciously know or recall (about 30-35%) but for the rest, there has to be a pathway in to finding and resolving these emotional energies and their relating biological impacts.

There is…..

Through a combination of techniques I’ve learned and experienced – including tuning forks, essential oils, reiki and others, we get to the emotional roots of your challenges – whether anxiety, fear, pain, exhaustion, sleep, worry, food, cigarettes, alcohol, pain meds, etc.  There is an emotional need to address them.  It’s a peaceful calming session, usually about an hour long, and it’s amazing.

90% of resolving trapped emotions, anxiety and fear is resistance.  We resist feeling those feelings and experiencing that trauma – however your body wants to experience it in order to release it.  We do this in a safe space together so you are not alone – tears are encouraged.  When that energy is brought up and released, it’s gone, and the memory of that event is less emotionally triggering, or not at all.

SOUND IS VERY HEALING – here is a sample….

REMOTE ACCESS – global impact.

Because we are all linked by an energetic signaling system called the field, you and I can work together no matter where you are.

In quantum physics it’s called non locality through entanglement.  It shows that at a quantum level of photons (bits of light frequency) we are all linked instantaneously.  I can set aside my body’s needs and tie into yours and help you to find that peace from any distance.

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