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Join the movement of healing with A Frequency device that’s transforming things as much as the Apple Phone did!

JULIANNA SAUBER, ND, CECP – Naturopath, Sound and Energy Frequency Healer, teacher and life coach.

Julianna’s health journey has included changes to diet, supplementation, essential oils, bodywork and many other modalities, including emotional, sound and frequency healing. I’ve overcome a lifestyle that was leading me to physical disability, to a lifestyle that is full of vibrancy, life and happiness. My health is my greatest asset, and I have it back.

Healy came to me as an answer to the next level of what I was looking for in my healing and self-care toolkit. I just love how it’s helped me rid myself of headaches, improved circulation and endurance in my legs, and now I’m building muscle easily, something that i didn’t do well in past years. My level of calm, peace and focus is so incredible, I’m amazed at how well i handle life’s stress now, with ease. I’m feeling amazing.

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I’m Candace Brown – As a lifelong student and follower of Good Health teachers, and practices, in multiple cultures and traditions and as a student of science, I have experienced and learned that frequency and vibration is the essence of all life. The Healy scans and sends healing vibrations to us individually and helps our bodies heal and achieve good health. This is the future of medicine and an amazing tool to assist us in our journey to positive physical, mental, and emotional health. I am happy to help you on your journey to more vitality, and wellness.

Using the Healy’s individualized frequencies is a major advancement in my personal health and well being. It has helped me heal a number of chronic and immediate health issues. These include gastrointestinal problems, food allergies, chronic pain in my back and legs, emotional stress, traumatic stress, chronic headache, sleep issues, and vitamin and mineral problems. I feel so much healthier and more balanced physically, mentally, and emotionally. As a COVID-19 survivor, the Healy is one of my greatest aids is regaining my energy and good health. I also use it with my grandchildren and my pets. All of which have distinct Health improvements. The focus and concentration programs have been especially helpful to my Grandchildren. So many wonderful things happen when you use this amazing device. It is super easy to use and safe for my family, friends, and pets!

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Kelly McLean, I am a LMT of 21 years. I chose Healy after a long day of work and my feet were very sore. I had a healy session and within 10 minutes the achey burning sensation was gone.

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Kyle is a Reiki practitioner, quantum frequency healing, psychic medium and reader. Kyle combines all of her gifts for energy cleansing, chakra balancing and energy healing for the mind body and soul. Kyle channels high vibration spiritual guides and angels to give messages from loved ones that have passed to the other side.

I have been using Healy in my practice along side of energy work. I have seen improvements in my clients spiritually physically and emotionally. These improvements range from a person with alopecia‘s hair growing back to a person being healed from acrophobia.

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