I’ve spent 5 years studying intensely, experiencing vividly and gathering tools that each in their own way have helped me transform my life out of fear, anxiety, procrastination and physical illness to a space of complete control of my body mind and spirit.  I’m not swayed by the world.  I release fear and anxiety quickly.  I control my moods and my responses to life or measured and supportive.  I am manifesting the life of my dreams.  The physical transformations are so incredible.  In one evening, I eliminated about 50% of the physical pain down the right side of my body.  I’ve had overnight shifts in my emotional health, and in just as little as a few minutes I can transform fear into space for decision making and responses to life.    

I was told once I was about 50% intellectual, 50% intuitive – I’d say now that’s very right.  For this reasons, these are tools anyone can use – whether you’re highly intuitive or just developing your gift, that doesn’t matter – this is for anyone open to the journey.  I also know that if your not using your intuitive muscle, flexing it regularly, it goes dormant.  The more you utilize the tools and techniques in this program, the stronger your intuition will become.  The more you will trust yourself, and the stronger your connection will be to your inner self, divinity and your spirit guides.  

You will have control over your energy and be able to decide how you manage the energy of what’s going on around you.  

You will have such a connection to your higher self that inner guidance will be top of mind in decision making.

Your spirit guide team will be in place to serve your best and highest good.  

You will move more daily into 5th dimension consciousness and beyond.

The energy shifts of the planet will affect you less and less – and if you’re affected, you will have tools at your disposal to help you respond and navigate it with ease.  

You will be able to cultivate and maintain peace more easily.  

You can overcome many physical ailments

You will know that you have control over the outcomes of your life – physical, relationships, financial, etc.  

I really can’t list all the benefits – your personal experience will be different and it’s not my intention to overlay my experience but to open you up to your own unique and beautiful unfolding experience.  

You have complete control, you just don’t know it yet

This isn’t for everyone – some people are not in a space yet to want to take control – that’s ok.  You are on your path and its for you to decide when you’re ready.  When you’re ready, reach out to me.  

This course is broken into 4 sections – to help allow for the development of the tool set – you don’t start with the chop saw before you learn to handle the hand saw.  It’s important to build on the tools – as you advance through the modules, you will find things getting more esoteric and for someone just starting out, a little hard to grasp.  It’s important to have some success and therefor belief before we share the elements that are further from our standard teachings.

These tools built into here along with hundreds or thousands of others will build a foundation of control and self-utilization daily and for the rest of your life.

The modules are priced affordable at $50 per module.  I’ve done this also to allow you to develop and experience the tools – if you’re not quite ready to move past where you are, you can jump in at a later date.  I am only offering this low price for the initial group – the price will be $100 per module for future groups.  

Each module will be 2-2.5 hours in length and contain many tools and actionable steps.  The sessions will be recorded and available through a private link.  

The first module is about energy management, bringing your spirit back in, cleaning up your guidance team, clearing your energy and some of the basics of energy management and beginning to identify the interference.  The second module will go into guidance teams, how to utilize the teams, identifying areas of interference and infusion, and many tools.  Modules 3 and 4 will go into higher dimensional tools and concepts and into DNA work as well.  

Module 1Nov 9 – 11am Nov 13 – 12pm
Module 2Nov 16 – 11amNov 27 – 12pm
Module 3Nov 23 – 11am Dec 11 – 12pm
Module 4Nov 30 – 11amDec 18 – 12pm 

How to register – 

Pm me on facebook, instagram or email 

Payment can be made at:


Venmo – @julianna-Sauber

Please tell me which module you’re paying for and I’ll send you the zoom link and password.

NOTE:  IF you cannot attend a session but would like the recording sent – please inform me and I’ll send the zoom video link to you.  

SPECIAL OFFER – I will offer 1×1 mentoring to anyone who would like it.  Just DM me to interview to determine your placement.