Midwife your Rebirth

Heal your life from Conception to Awakening

  1. Life from a new view:
  2. 1. Perspective – not triggered
  3. 2. Peace – core of freedom
  4. 3. Adventure – journey of healing
  5. 4. Authenticity – who the F** are you
  6. 5. Community – support, challenge, celebration


**inner child



**Cellular and DNA

**Worldview and wonder

**energy and protection

8 week program – scan the QR code to purchase your ticket – you will then be sent a zoom link.


Week by week we will go over some fun stuff – here it is!

  1. Week 1 – The desire to change, grounding, setting a foundation for change, roots, soil and nourishment
  2. Week 2 – I am save, you save you, safe to create your own frame, safe to express yourself
  3. Week 3 – feel the feelings, observe, emote and detach, establish connection to self and source, what is the ego
  4. Week 4 – Take back your power through reclaiming and healing your inner child, get to know your true self without trauma, bioneergetics and mechanics of your energy field
  5. week 5 – forgiveness, crack the shell around your heart, the power of story
  6. Week 6 – words, speaking, suppressing your voice, boundaries and enforcement
  7. Week 7 – who the F** are you – authentic heart, your heart speaks to your head, hearing from source
  8. Week 8 – wonder (see and feel) and adventure, how you show up in the world to help others, feel the good, send the good, love is….heaven is here, the painting in your frame

Cost for this initial group is $155 for all 8 week, future cost is $397

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