Easy Guacamole

My kids love guac!  I love Guac!  It’s close to perfect food.

1.  Nutrient rich – b-vitamins, minerals and good fat for your brain and nervous system.

2.  Helpful for your immune system with the onions and garlic.

3.  Finger food

4. Fun color

5.  Yummy

So here’s a recipe for super easy guacamole.  To take it for lunch – cut up and mix all the ingredients except the avocado.  When you’re ready to serve and eat, cut up the avocado, mash it and enjoy.

This makes enough guacamole for an average family of 4 to have a nice serving.

1/4-1/2  small onion

1/4-½ small tomato  (optional)

2 cloves garlic

2 avocados – ripe (soft but not too soft)

¼-1/2 lemon juice – squeeze

sea salt – to taste

Chop up the onion, tomato and garlic very small.  Put in bowl

Cut avocado in ½ around the middle and take the pit out.  Using your knife and ½ avocado, cut small slices into avocado in both directions, then scoop out of rind with a spoon into your bowl.  Do the same process with the 3 other halves.

Add sea salt to taste and squeeze lemon juice into mix (to your taste preference).  Smash avocado and mix ingredients.

Serve with fresh vegetables or organic blue corn tortilla chips.  Serve on top of your grass fed hamburger or turkey burger instead of a bun.  Serve with salsa over eggs.

Good for lunch, dinner, snack – whenever