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The media only told us half the story today. The Pfizer vaccine is NOT “fully approved” in the way you think that means. Follow me here — and yes, you have to do some reading for yourself. We were misled. This time, you need to do the reading yourself so you can fully understand what is going on. It is in black and white and can only be interpreted one way.

First, go here:

1) Go to “Comirnaty Prescribing Information” and download the Approval Letter. Read it.

What that letter states is that the Pfizer vaccines are “approved” to begin clinical trials. It lists an outline of what they expect and due dates. IF the trials are successfully completed and submitted by 5/31/2027, the FDA will then determine if the vaccine can be FULLY approved, based on the outcome of those trials.

2) Next, go to “Regulatory Info” and look at the Letter of Authorization (reissue). Nowhere in this document is it said that the vaccine is “fully approved.” What it does say is that the EUA is extended. Emergency Use Authorization ONLY.

In short, Pfizer (assuming that nothing else is uncovered in the clinical trials) is still EUA only and will be until 5/31/2027.

The only two key things that occurred today were that Pfizer was approved for clinical trials and that the EUA was extended. That is all. The media didn’t feed us the whole truth and the country is running with it. The way the powers that be (with complicity from the media) are addressing vaccine hesitancy, essentially, is by omitting some pretty big details and hoping you weren’t smart enough to notice. And lots of people are lazy. How many ran out to get the shot today, thinking it was “fully approved”? How many companies are rubbing their paws together, thinking, “Now we can mandate this!”

This is why you need to read and understand what you are believing to be true and agreeing to. The truth is there, but no one is going to hand it to you. Especially not those in charge.