Want control of your health – let go of ignorance and educate yourself.

Beat the dis-ease, educate yourself

A system that controls persists based on your lack of education on the part of its users, your blissful ignorance.  

A system that fails people relies on the people usingi NOT to be educated. It relies on its users to seek out authority and blindly submit, without questioning. He flew in this is that a complacent system becomes lax, and in the case of your health, becomes dangerous. Ask questions, keep asking why.  Ing.

The cure to ignorance is to question, ,,,

Why is the most important question, and never ask just once.  For example;

You have diabetes


Because your body is not managing sugar


Because your pancreas is not keeping up with insulin


This is often where the education of a medical doctor falls short.  Only those who continue to educate and themselves ask why will even begin to help you navigate that.

The training of a naturopath is opposite.  

Client:  I’ve been diagnosed with diabetes

Naturopath:  why is the body struggling to manage sugar

  • Diet
  • Cravings
  • Yeast overgrowth
  • Lack of good bacteria
  • Lack of digestive enzymes
  • Adrenal imbalance
    1. Why? Stress
    2. Trauma
    3. sub-Conscous unresolved emotions?
  • Pituitary low function 
  • Parasites, fungus, bacteria
    1. Why?
      1. Overuse of antibiotics
      2. medications
      3. water
      4. household or work environment
      5. low immune system – why?
  • Heavy metals 

Do you see the difference:  medical training, including that of medical naturopaths is about a short list of symptom, test results, diagnosis, treatment.  

Have you ever been told that your body can’t heal or recover from something?  It’s a strange paradigm by design.  If you break a bone, you believe your body can heal it, you’ve been told it can.  If you receive a diagnosis such as diabetes, MS, or chronic illness, you’re told your body can’t heal.  That’s not logical.  The human body is designed for and lives every moment for survival, survival requires healing.  

A simple example is this:  your body is either digesting food, or its in rest/repair mode.  

So what do you educate yourself on:

  1. Basic body functions – enzymes, endocrine glands, detoxification systems, electrrical body
  2. the role of toxis
  3. the role of stress
  4. how to prevent pahogens from taking hold
  5. vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins, fats

This is a great starting point. It will take you some time – it may make sense to take some classes or seminars, and reading will be required.

Don’t be ignorant to assume your doctor knows all the answers – no one does. Find a team that will support your needs, listen, question, research and decide.