You’re not broken stupid or worthless, you are beautiful, amazing, and gifted.

Join us in the creation room for YOU TRANSFORMED! A workshop to practice the tools for your foundation:

  1. Know your values and set boundaries
  2. speak words of kindness and affirmation
  3. kmow and embrace your self-worth and gifts

To join us – email your details – name, phone number, age

We will meet 3x per week for 2 weeks to practice together, answer questions and hold you accountable to your new habits!

You will be part of a community growing and learning together. ‘Coming up August 17, 2019 10am-4pm in Three Rivers mi at the Methodist church meeting room

You can spend years researching and reading material, practicing and hoping, or you can take 21 days with us to make it happen!

Cost $150 – includes your lunch, books, worksheets and other gifts.